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Freshly Blended Peppers

OmoAlata peppermix is a blend of fresh organic tomatoes, onions and peppers

No Preservatives

Our peppermix contains no preservatives or additives. It is 100% natural

NAFDAC Approved

We adhere to strict quality and hygienic processing methods which have been certified by NAFDAC

Zip Sealed

Our new resealable zip-lock bag makes usage more convenient

Welcome to OmoAlata

OmoAlata pepper mix has been parboiled hence the cooking time is shorter than freshly blended pepper. OmoAlata’s special natural taste makes it a number one choice for families, friends and event planners.

OmoAlata can also be packaged in pre-ordered volumes, specified blending levels, soup or meal specific mix and delivered to any location in the country for homes, hotels and other events.

Our Oath

OmoAlata uses only farm fresh peppers in preparation of all its pepper mix. Our pepper mix does not contain any food coloring or artificial preservatives and it is packed under hygienic conditions with a strict quality assurance policy.

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