...soups and stews made easy!

Dear Customer,

OmoAlata pepper mix has been parboiled hence the cooking time is shorter than freshly blended pepper. OmoAlata’s special natural taste makes it a number one choice for families, friends and event planners.

OmoAlata can also be packaged in pre-ordered volumes, specified blending levels, soup or meal specific mix and delivered to any location in the country for homes, hotels and other events.

Our Production Cycle takes off the stress from our customers. Our daily task is to;

* Sourcing of fresh pepper produce from the best farms in Nigeria
* We pick each pepper manually to remove rotten / unsuitable ones piece by piece
* Wash the pepper found suitable for our special mix
* We blend to the finest mix for each type of stew or soup mix
* We boil the pepper to give the customer a quicker cook time and preserve the mix better
* We then package the pepper in the most hygienic environment with our special sealing technology
* Each pack is then kept in a frozen state in all our stores and retail points
We thank you for choosing OmoAlata.

Yours Faithfully